“A comic, accusatory cultural critique, it should ask why violence against women is such a recurring trope in art.” -Matt Trueman The Guardian

“It is absolutely, totally, brilliantly hilarious from start to finish.  Chase Scenes is a very clever deconstruction of the mores of Hollywood film, a witty role-reversal game, and a Trickster-Clown play on our worst fears.” – Total Theatre UK

“Ming Hon’s Chase Scenes #1-58 is a visceral performance and cinematic journey which grabs the viewer by the throat and whispers jokes into their ear.” – Seema Goel, PaperWait

“The performances were frankly astonishing, viscerally confronting viewers with the complex psychology of pursuit — dread, panic, exhilaration, malice and desire…” – Steven Leyden Cochrane, Winnipeg Free Press

“Hon is mesmerizing…she is an orgasmic object of desire, at another a contortion of pain, at still another, a delicate bird” – Robert Enright, Border Crossings Magazine

“Any attempt to describe what Hon is doing makes it sound improbable. But what I say is not what you get; what you get is an intelligently-conceived and flawlessly-embodied piece of dance performance that is unlike anything you will have seen before. It is an absolute must-see.” Robert Enright, CBC arts review

“A masterful mover, easily alternating between convulsive shakes, fluid body isolations, and stealthy feline glides.  Her provocative work equally performance art and contemporary dance” – Holly Harris, Dance International Magazine