A.O.V. Adults Only Video…

is no longer a pornographic video store.

still contains scenes of sexuality, nudity, coarse language, violence, disturbing and potentially offensive content, the odd strobe light, and may not be suitable for children.     

was officially (re)established in 2019, A.O.V Adults Only Video is a live performance and media art house under the creative direction of artist Ming Hon. 

is guided and heavily seduced by influences of visual art, film, and pop culture, A.O.V. creates work with ‘mature themes’. How does one classify… making love with a photocopier, OR reinterpreting Meg Ryan’s fake orgasm, OR filming a female director simulating a handjob on a cucumber in front of an audience of extras.  Some might call these immature themes.      

appreciates that pornography is for the express purpose of arousal.  A.O.V.’s intent is to arouse its audience and viewers to contemplate and dialogue around the complexity of living in the endtimes of a post post-modern, late capitalist landscape through the use of live performance and video.

is conceived with the pure brute stubborness of Ming Hon’s contemporary dance practice, performance art background, and self-taught diy film/video. It is illuminted by the technical design savvy of jaymez through lighting, video, and projection; he is a human/production suite.        

Ming Hon and her works have been featured by Canadian Art Magazine, Border Crossings, CBC, Vice, The Guardian, The BBC and many more.  A.O.V. has produced such acclaimed performances such as Chase Scenes, The Exhibitionist, Hotel Room / Only the Dead Wear Shoes to Bed, I’ll have what she’s having, and will be premiering a new work titled Exciting Consequences in 2020.    

Born in Hong Kong, raised in Winnipeg, she found a loophole which afforded her a slim chance of winning the crown for Miss Hong Kong 2003. Thinking she could secretly undermine the pageantry and it’s fanfare of endorsements, the judges proved her wrong and were not interested.

Ming Hon is an independent dancer, choreographer, and performance artist based in Winnipeg. Her practice looks into themes of work, labour, capitalism, and the economy and politics of the cis female body. Her most recent works of note include ‘Chase Scenes’ presented in the award winning program of CanadaHub at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, ‘Filmed in front of a live studio audience’ for Video Pool,  ‘Forever in Blue Jeans’ a commission from Winnipeg’s Contemporary Dancers/Prairie Dance Circuit (2014), ‘Patricia: Qu’est-ce que c’est, “dégueulasse”? / What is a “scumbag”?’ (Platform gallery), ‘Only the Dead Wear Shoes to Bed / Hotel Room’ commissioned by Synonym Art Consultation, ‘The Exhibitionist’, and ‘Cleaver Piece’. Hon’s works have been exhibited and performed both locally and internationally, including at The Taipei Artist’s Village in Taiwan, as part of the National Art Gallery’s Prairie Scene events in Ottawa, SummerWorks Performance Festival in Toronto, Surrey Art Gallery in B.C., Art Gallery of Mississauga, Latitude 53 in Edmonton, and at Plug In Institute for Contemporary Art in Winnipeg and more.  She has been invited to present in London, England at RichMix this fall and will premiere a new full length  work ‘Exciting Consequences’ commissioned by Prairie Theatre Exchange in 2020 as well as a new dance choreography for Winnipeg’s Contemporary Dancers. Her practice has developed to include video and installation work and she regularly collaborates as a performer/collaborator on projects with visual artists such as Karen Asher, Rebecca Belmore, Sarah Anne Johnson, Noam Gonnick, Guy Maddin, and Rober Racine.  

With a multi-faceted and distinct visual style, jaymez has worked in the visual art, dance, theatre and music communities.   His video work has appeared in a number of international festivals, theatrical and dance productions and he has performed live video alongside dozens of musicians and artists and he has created lighting, video and sound designs for a wide and diverse range of companies and choreographers.  His work has been featured in a number of cities including Stratford, Edmonton, Regina, Saskatoon, Calgary, Montreal, Toronto, Edinburgh, Osnabrück, Germany and, Utrecht, Netherlands. He recently won the Winnipeg Theatre Award for outstanding design for his work on Deserter.  
jaymez currently sits on the board of Video Pool Media Arts Centre and holds a BFA in Video from the University of Manitoba.